3.2 iOS Notification Setup

Follow the steps below:

  • From your Firebase Console > Project Overview, click on the iOS icon and enter your iOS package name and click on the Register app and skip the other steps.

  • Now go to Project Settings and click on iOS and download the GoogleService-info.plist​ file.

  • Then go to the wordpress_app/i​os/Runner directory​ and paste the file here.

  • Now, Open the iOS folder on Xcode by right-clicking on the iOS folder from VSCode or Android Studio and go to the runner folder and drag & drop the GoogleService-info.plist​ file here. You will get a popup and click yes or confirm the popup message. That’s it.

For iOS, Go to this link and follow the instructions. This is a well-written doc from Flutter Team. You can ignore the (Advanced, Optional) step from there.

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