11.2 Android Setup

  1. From your Cpanel, go to the File Manager > Your Site > .well-known folder and create a file named assetlinks.json and open the file and insert the following code.

        "relation": [
        "target": {
            "namespace": "android_app",
            "package_name": "com.mrblab.newsfreak",
            "sha256_cert_fingerprints": [
  1. Replace the package_name value with your Android package name.

  2. Now you need to generate two sha256 fingerprints (Debug and Release).

  3. Replace the sha256_cert_fingerprints values with your values.

  4. Save the file. Now, You can check on this site if your deep link setup working not: https://developers.google.com/digital-asset-links/tools/generator

  1. From the source code, go to the android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml file and add your site URL.

That's it. Android configuration for deep/app links is complete.

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