13. Video Posts Setup

How to assign posts as video posts in the app?

Video posts are different than normal posts. Look at the picture below. A video will be shown at the top section of the screen.

You can add Network, Youtube, and Vimeo videos as video posts. The app will show only one video. So, if you add a Network video then Youtube and Vimeo videos will be ignored. So, Just add one type of video.

You can add only one video for a video post. If you want to add multiple videos inside a single post, then don't assign them as Video Posts. Multiple videos are supported in a normal post.

Assign Video Posts

To set video posts, Open any post in your WordPress dashboard and scroll down to the bottom section. Set the Video Post value to Yes and add your video and update the post.

Disable Video Tab

If you want to disable the video tab from the app, you can do that directly from the Newsfreak Configs plugin. Video posts will work but the video tab will be hidden.

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